Echoes of Tuva

Echo of TuvaRecorded in the dome of Pasadena’s historic city hall – August 1, 1995. Tuvan legend says it all began with a polyphonic echo. In this recording, Kongar-ol Ondar performs Tuvan music old and new – from an ancient shamanic chant for the soul of Pasadena’s illustrious physicist, adventurer and raconteur Richard Feynman, through several old songs that feature two-notes-at-the-same-time Tuvan throat singing (including Tuva’s national anthem), to a pair of modern songs accompanied by the guitar. The live acoustics of the dome, combined with the techniques of the old masters of Tuva, create a unique sonic experience. This recording can expand your consciousness: as you listen to it more, Ondar becomes a one-man quartet, singing four (yes, four) notes at once!